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Irving Hernandez and Musical Crew
TOPIC: Local Lifestyles
By: Barefoot Man
January 5, 2010
irvingSM Photo: Stephen Clark

Even if you have never attended a venue to hear Musical Crew there is a good chance that you have seen them perform.
For us regular travellers or the visiting tourists, one knows right away when you are in the Cayman Islands as you exit your aircraft and in the background you hear the sweet sounds of live calypso or reggae. Irving ‘Jughead’ Hernandez and his crew have been providing welcome music at Owen Roberts Airport for some 12 years.
In the circle of local musicians, Irving is best known for his studio work as a musician, engineer and owner of JUGC Recording studio located in Newlands where he records and produces a wide range of musical genres such as country, calypso, soca, meringue and pop. Irving along with Tommy Lynch , Leroy Evans and Johnny Johnson, who make up Musical Crew, have recorded four albums from which several cuts such as Brown Eyed Girl and La Vista have become local classics.
Not always performing with the full band, Irving and Tommy have worked together as a due for some 20 years. To last that long you either have to be good friends or good musicians – in their case, it’s a bit of both. In Cayman’s musical faction there are only a few who are lucky enough to make a living at what we love to do and it takes more than fine vocal cords or expensive sound gear to stay in the melodic game. Irving has figured out the right formula – mix the genres of your music, look for new ideas and outlets. Of course, being a nice guy always helps. Like most other Cayman musicians, who sell and promote their recordings, Irving is bit perturbed at local radio with the minimal amount of Caymanian music that is featured in their rotation.
Irving is also the winner of the Cultural Foundation Award for his long-standing effort to promote music in the Cayman Islands.   WH
If you’re interested in booking his studio, or one of the hottest party bands around, give Irving a call at 939-5925.

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